Antrim town man is convicted of assaulting woman following his 30th Birthday party

Antrim town man is convicted of assaulting woman following his 30th Birthday party

AN Antrim town man has been convicted of assaulting a woman at an 'after party' following his 30th Birthday Party last October.

Ryan Wilkinson, a door supervisor, of Thyme Park, had denied assault but following a contest at Antrim Magistrates' Court, sitting in Ballymena, District Judge Nigel Broderick found him guilty.

The woman told the court she had been "with" the defendant a "couple of times" and had then attended his party in a pub in Antrim and afterwards they had gone to a house in Antrim with others.

In the early hours she said the defendant went to leave the house and "pushed me out of his way".

She said she sent him a message saying there was "no reason to put your hands on me before you left" and the defendant was then "aggressive" on the phone.

She said Wilkinson told her if she wanted to 'act like a big girl' he would return to the house and 'I'll kick you round the garden'.

She said the defendant returned to the house shouting that he "hadn't touched me".

She alleged Wilkinson knocked an e-cigarette from her hand and kicked her on the leg.

She said she went to a utility room and Wilkinson approached and "grabbed me by my hair by the roots and trailed me round the door" and during the incident her head was knocked against a door frame.

The defendant told the court he had been on a "couple of dates" with the woman and had invited her to his birthday party in the bar in Antrim town where he worked.

He denied assaulting her saying the allegations were "false".

In the first instance he claimed he wanted to go home on his own from the house but the woman had wanted him to stay longer at the property for "a couple more drinks".

He said he had "gently brushed past" her and she had then contacted him by phone saying she was "annoyed and stuff and 'what way was that to treat a woman' and hitting her with assault and stuff".

He said he responded by saying that was not what happened and said he returned to the house to "sort the matter".

He said he was "annoyed" at being accused of assault as "you don't want that going round about you and I just wanted to get the matter cleared up".

The defendant said the woman didn't want to speak to him at that stage and after asking to speak to her again he had decided to leave and had no further dealings that night with her.

He denied kicking her and pulling her hair.

A defence lawyer said the defendant had no previous convictions.

Convicting the defendant, Judge Broderick said there appeared to be some evidence that the woman sustained "some injuries about her head and hair loss".

He said the woman had given "credible and reliable" evidence and Wilkinson had not given the "full truth" and that alcohol had "clouded his judgment and his interaction with the complainant".

Sentencing was adjourned until September for a pre-sentence report to be prepared.