Antrim town resident allegedly sent texts saying a woman would end up in a 'graveyard'

Antrim town resident allegedly sent texts saying a woman would end up in a 'graveyard'

AN Antrim town woman allegedly sent text messages saying a woman would end up in a "graveyard".

Joanne Elizabeth Mitchell (49), of Greenview Avenue, is accused of making a threat to kill the woman on April 23 this year and was also allegedly in possession of mobile phones, tablets and iPads with internet access which she was prohibited from having as part of an ASBO.

The defendant appeared via video link from prison at Antrim Magistrates Court, sitting in Ballymena (main picture).

A police officer objected to bail and said a woman received numerous texts from two mobile numbers she didn't recognise.

One message said: 'Let me tell you they are staying put and you will be the one who moves into the graveyard. Go to the cops if you want, I don't give a f*ck'.

Another message said: 'You are dead'.

The officer said the numbers were linked to Mitchell and a police officer recently had contact with the defendant via the two numbers.

Phones and other equipment were found at her property.

The officer said Mitchell has "habitually" broken her ASBO conditions, Court News NI can report.

District Judge Nigel Broderick asked if there was any connection between Mitchell and the woman she allegedly texted and the officer said: "No. The complainant only had the numbers. She never had a name. During interview Ms Mitchell knew she never knew anyone by that name".

The judge said: "So at the moment it is a mystery as to why she contacted this complainant with these alleged threats".

Mitchell is also accused of breaching her ASBO by having internet-capable devices on February 28 this year.

Meanwhile, the defendant admitted wasting police time in June last year by making a 'false report'.

The court heard the defendant alleged she had received calls from a male "demanding money".

A prosecutor said police believed the calls originated from mobile numbers linked to Mitchell.

Sentencing in that case was deferred until November and Judge Broderick told her: "You are very much in a last chance situation".

The court heard the ASBO is in place until 2024.

Judge Broderick said the defendant had a "very poor record" in terms of failing to comply with the conditions of the ASBO.

Regarding the alleged threat, the judge said: "There doesn't appear to have been any history of animosity between the complainant and the defendant and it may well just have been a random behaviour by the defendant but that remains to be investigated".

Mitchell was given bail in the sum of £500 and that case was adjourned to May 24.