Antrim woman awaiting sentencing for scissors offence has now admitted breaching bail

Antrim woman awaiting sentencing for scissors offence has now admitted breaching bail

AN Antrim town woman who previously pleaded guilty to having a pair of scissors as an offensive weapon with intent to commit assault occasioning actual bodily harm has now admitted breaching bail.

Caitlin Robb (19), of Oriel Park, also recently pleaded guilty to assaulting her mother occasioning actual bodily harm; criminal damage to her mum's car and criminal damage to a window at her mother's home.

She also pleaded guilty to assaulting a male on the same date - December 6 last year.

The case was adjourned to April 5 for a pre-sentence report.

However, the defendant has now been back before the court and admitted breaching her curfew and being intoxicated in relation to her bail. She appeared via video link.

Deputy District Judge Philip Mateer said the original incident in December involved the defendant being in possession of a pair of scissors and added: "It seems quite a serious matter".

A police officer said: "It involves her mother but it was her mother who phoned us last night out of concern for her so that is why police went round to her address to check on her".

The defence lawyer said the defendant's mother had previously written a letter to the Public Prosecution Service and District Judge Nigel Broderick "outlining ongoing mental health issues" regarding the defendant.

He added: "Her mother, whilst being an injured party, still provides her with almost daily assistance".

The lawyer said the defendant had "ongoing alcoholic dependency issues".

Judge Mateer re-admitted the defendant to bail.

He said: "A long-suffering mother isn't necessarily something that your client can hide behind for her wrong doing. So to take a pair of scissors to somebody I think is a serious enough matter.

The judge told the defendant: "I'm concerned about your mother. It is difficult enough having to be responsible for your off-spring but if you are involved in an incident with a pair of scissors it gives rise to all kinds of alarming concerns".

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