'Attempted murder': Ballymena Court hears woman received 'stab' injuries and a suspected broken nose after ex-partner allegedly broke into her home and armed himself with a knife and 'skewers'

'Attempted murder': Ballymena Court hears woman received 'stab' injuries and a suspected broken nose after ex-partner allegedly broke into her home and armed himself with a knife and 'skewers'

A WOMAN was left with injuries including a suspected broken nose after her ex-partner allegedly broke into her house and armed himself with a knife and 'skewers', Ballymena Magistrates Court heard.

Kevin Nellis (23), with an address listed as Nursery Close in Ballymena, faces charges including 'attempted murder' and possessing a knife and - what is referred to on the charge sheet as 'bbq tongs' - as 'offensive weapons'.

He is also charged with 'false imprisonment', assault occasioning actual bodily harm, wounding with intent; aggravated burglary; breach of a Restraining Order and criminal damage to a phone.

He is charged in relation to September last year.

Ballymena Magistrates Court (main picture) heard the defendant is in custody.

He was not before the court for a bail application.

Objecting to bail, a police officer said at 8pm on September 21 police received a report from a member of the public that a number of children approached them to say a male was "holding a knife" to a woman.

Police found a broken window at a property and Nellis shouted from the living room that he was holding a "hostage" - his ex-partner.

Officers, through a window, could see Nellis had a female pressed against the door whilst he was in possession of what appeared to be a "screwdriver".

Police asked him to come to the door and when he did so he was handcuffed

The woman told police Nellis had broken the window with a stone and grabbed a "pair of metal skewers and a knife".

The officer said Nellis "proceeded to harm himself".

The officer added that at one point the woman "attempted to make off in the living room. He grabbed her by the back of the hair and struck her to the top of the head with a knife. I believe she received seven or eight staples to a head wound."

The policewoman said the injured woman said Nellis "punched her to the face multiple times", and used "skewers" to ensure she did not leave the living room.

The officer said there had been a Restraining Order in place at the time.

The PSNI officer said the injured woman suffered a suspected broken nose, broken tooth; a "two inch gash to her head" and knee injuries.

The court heard the woman said the knee injuries were caused by being stabbed with the "skewers".

The court was told three children had been in the house and they had ran outside.

Nellis, it was said, had 139 previous convictions.

The officer said there had been several previous domestic incidents and Nellis had 18 previous breaches of Court Orders.

She objected to bail saying there was a risk of further offences.

She said: "This was a serious domestic assault following him having smashed his way into house through the rear patio doors. It involved the use of weapons and was committed in the presence of three small children who fled from the house to a nearby shop to raise the alarm".

A defence lawyer accepted the allegations were linked to a "very unpleasant incident".

He said Nellis had "apologised" to his ex-partner during a police interview.

The lawyer said the defendant had been in an "on-off relationship" with the injured party "but is under no illusion now that the relationship is over".

District Judge Nigel Broderick refused bail, saying: "The offences are serious. The facts appear quite harrowing and aggravated by a number of features - three small children present at the scene; the nature of the offence and the defendant was in breach, prima facie, of a Restraining Order"

He took into account the defendant's 139 previous convictions and "domestic abuse history" and said there was a "high risk" of further offences.

A Preliminary Enquiry - the legal step to send the case to the Crown Court - is due on February 24.