Ballymena woman was 'hostile' in ambulance

Ballymena woman was 'hostile' in ambulance

A BALLYMENA woman who was "hostile and aggressive" in an ambulance was swearing and kicked out at a police who were called to the scene.

Sharon Smylie (31), of Chichester Park West, was sentenced at the town's Magistrates Court for charges including disorderly behaviour, assaulting two police officers and resisting one of the officers in the execution of their duty.

A prosecutor said around 3pm on April 3 this year police were called to a report of a disturbance in the Larne Road area of Ballymena.

They spoke to the defendant who was in the rear of an ambulance by that stage.

She was drunk and was "hostile and aggressive with both police and ambulance staff" and kicked a police officer on the leg.

When police tried to apply handcuffs the defendant was arrested and whilst being taken to a police vehicle she kicked another officer.

One officer had a cut to their forearm but no lasting injuries, the prosecutor said.

Defence barrister Stephen Law said at the time of the offences the defendant had been "struggling" and "self-medicating" with a "concoction of alcohol and drugs".

He said Smylie had no recollection of how she came to be in the ambulance.

Mr Law said she had not lashed out at ambulance staff.

He said a pre-sentence report was positive and has "really turned herself around".

District Judge Nigel Broderick told Smylie: "All the ambulance staff and police were trying to do was help you.

"The next time this happens, if you are needing assistance, let the people help you and don't be lashing out and kicking at them."

The defendant was given 100 hours Community Service.

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