Bangor man convicted of causing criminal damage to neighbour's internet cable

Bangor man convicted of causing criminal damage to neighbour's internet cable

A BANGOR man who denied causing criminal damage to a Virgin Media cable has been convicted after a contest at Newtownards Magistrates Court.

Sean Patrick Creaney (59), of Bryansburn Gardens, was in court in relation to September last year.

The court heard he lives at flats where neighbours had an internet cable installed.

It involved a box being outside the building but it was noticed wires were pulled from the box.

Two Virgin Media employees told the court they were called out again the day after installing the cable.

They said the defendant subjected them to verbal abuse and told them if they re-installed it he would pull the cable out again.

In the witness box the accused denied swearing and denied saying he would pull the cable out again.

A defence lawyer said the defendant was unhappy that plant pots had been moved and not put back in place during the cable installation.

Two neighbours gave evidence to court.

Convicting the defendant, District Judge Mark Hamill said four people said Creaney had been "shouting and swearing".

The judge said the two engineers, who were "simply going about their lawful business," said the defendant told them 'if you put that cable back in I will rip it out again.'

The judge said he was prepared to adjourn the case to March for a conditional discharge and for the defendant to raise £250 compensation for the neighbours, which was both for the £100 damage caused and the "trouble they have been put through".

Or, Judge Hamill said, it could be adjourned for a pre-sentence report along with £250 compensation.

After consulting with the defendant, the defence lawyer said he would like a pre-sentence report. The case was adjourned to March 21.