'Brass-necked' shoplifter took barbeque from Tesco and got taxi

'Brass-necked' shoplifter took barbeque from Tesco and got taxi

A 'BRASS-necked' shoplifter walked out of a Tesco store in Bangor with a barbeque and left in a taxi, a court heard.

Stuart Mulgrew (38), of Breezemount Rise, Conlig, admitted the £52 theft from the Springhill store.

A prosecutor said the defendant took items including a barbeque and CCTV showed him leaving without paying and getting into a taxi on April 15, 2021

Police enquiries led them to Mulgrew, Newtownards Magistrates' Court was told on Wednesday.

A defence lawyer said Mulgrew had brought restitution with him to the court.

He said the defendant had been "totally intoxicated" and had "no recollection" of the Tesco incident.

The lawyer said Mulgrew had a "significant" past criminal record.

The court heard the defendant lives alone and gets Employment and Support Allowance.

Deputy District Judge Paul Copeland told Mulgrew: "You are already a convicted thief and it seems you are almost casual, if not brazen, the way you go about your thieving.

"This was a brass-necked escapade in which you marched out of a supermarket with a barbeque under your arm and set off in a taxi homeward in a casual and almost defiant manner".

He said a repetition could "land" the defendant in prison.

Fining Mulgrew £250, the judge said if the defendant had money to "squander on alcohol and swanning around in taxis with stolen goods, you have money to pay fines".