'Cocaine-fuelled' Larne man assaulted officers and shouted 'sectarian abuse' at PSNI after 'wrecking' house

'Cocaine-fuelled' Larne man assaulted officers and shouted 'sectarian abuse' at PSNI after 'wrecking' house

A LARNE man assaulted and shouted "sectarian abuse" at police officers who responded to a report that he was "wrecking" a house and arguing with his mother at Wellington Green in the town at 1.45am on October 2 last year.

Lee Jonathan McAuley (29), of Wellington Green, admitted being disorderly; assaulting three police officers and being in possession of cocaine.

A prosecutor told Ballymena Magistrates Court the defendant shouted at police to get out of the house.

He had blood on his knuckles and clothing.

When handcuffed he lashed out - elbowing an officer on the face; dragging another officer "over the kitchen table" and he attempted to headbutt a female officer.

When brought outside he "shouted sectarian abuse" at officers and made himself a "dead weight".

In custody cocaine was found in his jeans.

A defence lawyer said the defendant had a previously clear record and the incident was "out of character".

He had "blacked out" and couldn't recall the incidents.

The lawyer said the defendant "demonstrated insight and remorse" and apologised to police.

District Judge Nigel Broderick said it was the "type of behaviour which one might associate with a hardened criminal" but the defendant had a completely clear record.

The judge added: "No doubt drugs were a feature. You were found with Class A drugs and I have no doubt that fueled what was totally appalling and indefensible behaviour to the police".

The defendant was ordered to do 120 hours of Community Service.