County Antrim man contacted woman in early hours and threatened to post 'intimate' videos online

County Antrim man contacted woman in early hours and threatened to post 'intimate' videos online

A JUDGE said it would have been traumatic for a woman who was contacted in the early hours of the morning and threatened that "intimate" images would be put online.

Details emerged at Ballymena Magistrates' Court where David Lamont (50), of Drumtara in the town, admitted a charge of harassment.

A prosecutor said the woman had been in a relationship with Lamont but when it ended, for around a month, she had been receiving "unwanted contact" from the defendant.

There were text messages and then emails when the number was blocked.

The prosecutor said around 1am on one occasion the woman received an email in which Lamont "threatened to post intimate videos of her online which caused her much alarm and distress".

When interviewed the defendant admitted the email account was his and he was the only person with access.

A defence lawyer told the Court "alcohol had been a factor" in the offending.

Lamont now regretted the harassment and was apologetic, it was claimed.

The lawyer said the defendant sent a message the next day apologising for his late night message.

District Judge Nigel Broderick said: "It is a very serious mater to threaten to post intimate photographs of a female former partner so that everyone can see them. You could imagine the trauma you would sustain if someone made that threat to you."

The judge told the defendant he was "quite fortunate" he was not being jailed and the only thing "saving" him was that his record which was for driving matters.

Judge Broderick added: "You must understand how serious the courts take these threats to post intimate photographs".

The judge adopted a recommendation in a pre-sentence report and put the defendant on Probation for a year with a condition that he takes part in the 'Respectful Relationships' programme and a two year Restraining Order was also put in place.