Court hears County Down man was 'foaming at the mouth'

Court hears County Down man was 'foaming at the mouth'

A MAN who was "foaming at the mouth" failed to complete Community Service, Newtownards Magistrates Court was told.

Corrie Flitcroft (25), of Whitehill Drive, Bangor, had, last year, been ordered to do Community Service for assault on police and disorderly behaviour.

Recalling the initial incident, District Judge Mark Hamill said police received a report of a man with a knife but no knife was found.

Flitcroft was "foaming at the mouth" as he swore loudly and swore at police before he spat at an officer.

He had told an officer "because she is female he would have her killed," the court heard.

A defence lawyer said the defendant's "mental health issues" had worsened after the death of his sister.

Judge Hamill revoked the Community Service and replaced it with a one month jail sentence, suspended for two years.