Court hears man accused of being disorderly at McDonald's in Ballymena is at centre of 'deportation' proceedings

Court hears man accused of being disorderly at McDonald's in Ballymena is at centre of 'deportation' proceedings

A MAN accused of assaulting two people and being disorderly at the McDonald's restaurant in Ballymena has been at the centre of deportation proceedings, the town's Magistrates Court heard.

A prosecutor said Lucasz Wach (28), with an address listed as Magilligan Prison, was in a "detention centre" in Scotland as there were "removal proceedings ongoing".

However, a defence lawyer said she believed the "removal proceedings" are being withdrawn.

She said Home Office proceedings to have Wach "deported" had been initiated when he was jailed for a year at Ballymena Magistrates Court.

The defence lawyer added: "They intended to deport him but I understand those proceedings are now being withdrawn".

She said Wach denies the charges he faces regarding McDonald's on February 4, 2020.

The case at Ballymena Court was adjourned to November 18 to fix a date for a contest.

In June this year Wach was jailed for a year when it was heard a customer waiting for food at the Ballymena McDonald’s on February 23 last year had his jaw smashed in a one punch attack.

Wach was sentenced for grievous bodily harm. A prosecutor had told Ballymena Magistrates Court a man said he was in McDonald's ordering food when the defendant entered and began being verbally abusive towards him.

The injured man asked Wach to leave and he did so but returned a short time later and began "harassing the defendant and his friend".

The prosecutor said the injured man said that as he waited for his food Wach had lifted a hat and then had taken "one swing" striking him on the face.

The court heard the man suffered a broken jaw in two places and had to have surgery to have a plate fitted in his jaw and his mouth wired whilst spending four nights in the Ulster Hospital in Belfast.

The June court heard Wach had also admitted other offences including assault and theft when he stamped on his ex-partner's foot and had stolen her iPhone 11 valued £600 in June last year.

Meanwhile, last December he breached a Restraining Order and committed other offences at Prospect Place in Ballymena.

He also committed an assault on February 2 this year and was disorderly when he was repeatedly shouting and swearing whilst at Moat Road in Ballymena in May this year.

The court heard Wach had been "unlawfully at large" for five months after providing a false address last December.

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