Court hears motorists were 'racing at over 100mph' on a road in County Down

Court hears motorists were 'racing at over 100mph' on a road in County Down

POLICE saw two motorists "racing" at an estimated speed of over 100mph at Kempe Stones Road near Newtownards, a court was told.

Scott Dinsmore (29), of Vionville Court in Belfast and Luke Stewart (20), of Ardvanagh Meadows, Conlig, were originally charged with driving dangerously on September 16 last year.

Newtownards Magistrates' Court was told prosecutors accepted guilty pleas to driving without due care and attention.

A prosecutor said around 10pm police saw two vehicles travelling "in close proximity" doing in excess of 70mph and they "appeared to be racing"  at a speed estimated at over 100mph.

A defence lawyer said the behaviour had been "exceptionally stupid".

District Judge Mark Hamill told the men: "You both dragged each other to court. It may well be that you don't know each other but you know each other now.

"You can both reflect that this is the luckiest day of your lives because the prosecution elected to take this course because this is 'dangerous' every day of the week".

The judge said for "racing each other at 100mph" they could have each been banned for 18 months had they contested dangerous driving and been convicted.

Judge Hamill handed down eight penalty points and a £700 fine to each man.

  • Main picture: General image of Kempe Stones Road from Google Street View.