Court in County Antrim hears drunk mum 'punched and kneed' her 12-year-old daughter in the face

Court in County Antrim hears drunk mum 'punched and kneed' her 12-year-old daughter in the face

A DRUNK mum 'punched and kneed' her 12-year-old daughter in the face in the middle of the night, a court in County Antrim was told.

The attack by a woman aged in her 30s, who cannot be named to protect the identity of her child, was described by a judge as "appalling".

The defendant, who appeared at court via video link from her solicitor's office, admitted a charge of assault and she also assaulted two police officers during incidents in October last year.

A prosecutor said around 4am police were contacted and a woman who said the girl arrived at her address "extremely distressed".

The girl told police she had awakened after hearing her mother shouting downstairs.

The court heard the defendant then came upstairs to the girl's bedroom and called her a "little c*nt".

The defendant then "had thrown a number of items from the beside table" at the girl whilst she was in bed.

The prosecutor said the defendant  punched her daughter "a number of times to the face and has kneed her in the face".

The prosecutor said it was alleged the defendant had then bitten her daughter "on both hands".

The prosecution lawyer said "police did look at injuries and there were some cuts" to the girl's face "but there were no bite marks observed on her hands".

Police attended the defendant's address and after about five minutes of knocking on the door they entered an unlocked back door and found her asleep in bed.

The court heard: "She was instantly aggressive and abusive towards police, shouting and swearing at them".

At that stage, it was said, the woman "did not know" where her daughter was.

The woman was arrested and spat at an officer, hitting him on a sleeve, before biting an officer.

A defence barrister said the defendant had been "heavily intoxicated" and had been drinking the previous day, which had been "triggered by the break-up of a relationship which she had been struggling with".

He said the defendant, who had also been on medication, had "no recollection of her interaction with her daughter at half past three in the morning".

The lawyer said her reaction to police was "consistent with a lady who had been woken out of a heavily intoxicated sleep".

He added: "That is not to excuse it but her behaviour whilst erratic and aggressive towards the police was in the context of the police coming into her bedroom unexpectedly at four o'clock in the morning".

The barrister said the defendant instructs she has been off alcohol since the offences; is "remorseful" and has been engaging with "counselling with her GP".

District Judge Nigel Broderick said the child victim in the case was a minor and "entitled to anonymity".

He told the defendant: "The facts as outlined are quite harrowing and appalling and in fairness I think you do recognise that."

The judge said a pre-sentence report showed she had expressed "remorse and shame".

He added: "And so you should for what is quite a vicious assault on your young daughter".

The judge said no doubt "physical and emotional scars" would be with the child for some time.

He said to spit at and bite police was "wholly reprehensible" behaviour".

The judge put the defendant on Probation for a year and ordered her to do 100 hours of Community Service.

The defendant was in breach of a conditional discharge she had received in connection with a previous incident involving disorderly behaviour and the judge also handed down a three months prison term, suspended for a year.