Court in County Antrim hears man kicked stomach of woman who was getting treatment for 'bowel cancer'

Court in County Antrim hears man kicked stomach of woman who was getting treatment for 'bowel cancer'

A MAN kicked a woman in the stomach when, a court was told, she was undergoing treatment for bowel cancer.

Ian Gill (61), with an address listed as Willowbrook in Kells, was sentenced at Antrim Magistrates Court, sitting in Ballymena, regarding a domestic assault on October 9 last year.

A prosecutor said Gill was intoxicated and became verbally abusive towards the injured party "who was standing in the kitchen area of the home" and grabbed the woman by her necklace before kicking her in the stomach.

The court heard police observed no visible injuries.

The defendant told police he could not recall the incident as he was drunk and his "last memory was being in the pub".

He said he "didn't have a clue" as to whether he grabbed or kicked the woman and added: "I have never done it in my life so if I did it is a first".

The court heard the defendant had a previously clear record.

A defence barrister said there had previously been a contest in the case "which ran on the defence of being set-up to be deprived of the £32,000 that he contributed towards the purchase price of the house".

The lawyer said that after "they moved into the house and two weeks later the police were called as a result of this assault".

He added: "My instructions are that the complainant and her ex-partner now reside in the house".

The barrister said the assault had been a "stand alone" incident with "nothing of a similar nature either in the household or on his record. The issue of previous domestic history was explored at the contest and there was none. There were previous verbal altercations between the parties but nothing ever of a physical nature".

The lawyer said the defendant now lives with a family member.

Putting the defendant on Probation for a year and ordering him to do 100 hours of Community Service, District Judge Nigel Broderick also put in place a two year Restraining Order.

He said: "The courts have said consistently that they take a very dim view of domestic violence. This is a bad case of that nature."