Downpatrick man is accused of making threat to 'put a bomb' under a car

Downpatrick man is accused of making threat to 'put a bomb' under a car

A DOWNPATRICK man is accused of making a threat that he would "put a bomb" under a person's car in the town.

Ryan Correia, who turned 19 on February 7 - is also alleged to have told police he would "go down tomorrow and shoot him in the head".

The defendant - with an address listed as Vianstown Park - is accused of making a threat to kill; a threat to damage property and improper use of electronic communications on February 7/8 this year.

The defendant was not present and the case proceeded in his absence at Newtownards Magistrates Court.

A police officer objected to bail saying that at 11.40pm on February 7 police received a call from an "intoxicated, aggressive, male".

He was abusive to the call handler.

The call handler called him back when the defendant had hung up and Correia allegedly "proceeded to make threats" against a person in Downpatrick saying he would "put a bomb" under the man's car.

When arrested in the early hours of February 8, the officer said, the defendant said to police: "I am going to kill him and I will go down tomorrow and shoot him round the head".

The officer said she believed the defendant had allegedly previously been located in the man's back garden in January this year and had at the time been released on police bail pending further enquiries.

A defence lawyer said Correia had been "highly intoxicated" whilst "celebrating" his Birthday and "made these stupid remarks about bombs and so forth".

The lawyer added that the defendant was "ashamed of everything that is going on. He has made comments he is ashamed of and that he didn't mean".

District Judge Mark Hamill said: "He certainly doesn't get any marks for brightness, given that he rings up the police, apparently, and makes threats".

The defendant was released on £500 bail to an address outside of Downpatrick with a ban from entering the town; he is banned from drinking alcohol and is not to contact the alleged injured party or make any reference to him on social media.

The case was adjourned to Downpatrick Magistrates Court on March 10.