Driving ban for motorist who crashed into hedge in Bangor

Driving ban for motorist who crashed into hedge in Bangor

A MOTORIST who crashed into a hedge in Bangor has received a driving ban.

Paddy Watson (26), with an address listed as Rathgill Park but now said to be living in a hostel in Belfast, crashed on October 6, 2020.

He admitted driving without due care and attention; taking a vehicle without authority; and also pleaded guilty to insurance and driving licence offences.

A prosecutor told Newtownards Magistrates Court (main picture): "The householder came out and observed the hedge was completely destroyed".

The defendant had also collided with a BMW on the same date.

The court heard the defendant claimed a passenger had grabbed the steering causing him to crash into the hedge.

Meanwhile, the defendant has also admitted charges in relation to March 14, 2020, when he had driven whilst unfit at Bloomfield Road South in Bangor.

He also pleaded guilty to careless driving; being uninsured and being an unaccompanied L driver in relation to March 14.

A collision occurred at the junction of Balloo Road.

Witnesses said the defendant was "slurring his words".

The defendant left the scene and when police went to an address the defendant had "difficulty remembering where he left the car".

He admitted he had driven the car but initially denied he was under the influence at the time and said he had taken medication when he returned home.

A defence lawyer said the defendant said it was "not a happy picture" .

He said the defendant had "mental health difficulties".

Watson was banned from driving for 20 months; was put on Probation for a year and fined £410.

District Judge Mark Hamill told the defendant: "Do not come to this court again and try to shift blame including a cock and bull story about your passenger causing the accident and this cock and bull story about not being under the influence of drugs when you are seen to be. Do not try and shift the blame, take the blame, take responsibility for your actions and suffer the consequences of your actions".