Drunk County Down man who was disorderly at home of his gran (78) is fined £1,000

Drunk County Down man who was disorderly at home of his gran (78) is fined £1,000

A DRUNK Bangor man who was disorderly at the home of his 78-year-old granny has been fined £1,000 for what a judge said was a "disgraceful" incident.

Lee William Conway (22) - an engineer - formerly with an address listed as Willowbrook Park but now of Balloo Road, admitted charges of being disorderly in the Balloo Road area and assaulting a police officer on July 4 last year.

A prosecutor told Newtownards Magistrates Court police were called to Balloo Road around 10.45pm following a report of a "verbal domestic incident" involving Conway and his grandmother who wanted him "removed from her home".

The court heard he had been "verbally abusive" to his gran but had ran off.

He returned when police were present and when told he was not welcome he began shouting and banged on a window.

When arrested he struggled and continued shouting and swearing and twice kneed an officer on the leg.

A defence barrister said he fully accepts there is no excuse for assaulting a constable in any shape or form but it had been at the "lower end of the spectrum".

The lawyer said there had been a "family dispute" which was "solely verbal" which happened when the defendant was "on edge" having been discharged from hospital following a head injury.

The lawyer said the defendant had been "drinking heavily" and his memory of what happened was "rather hazy".

The court heard Conway currently "lives with his aunt".

Since the incidents he has sought medical help.

Deputy District Judge Austin Kennedy asked the defendant what he was doing "annoying" his gran.

He asked: "Does she need this nonsense from you?" and the defendant replied: "Not at all".

Judge Kennedy said: "A lady of 78 doesn't need this behaviour from you at her house. She wants to live peacefully. You coming round annoying her and then getting involved with the police is simply disgraceful".