Drunk man who had gone a 'bit mad' pushed ambulance worker over sofa

Drunk man who had gone a 'bit mad' pushed ambulance worker over sofa

A DRUNK man who said he had gone a "bit mad" and smashed up his Housing Executive home was found with "self-inflicted" cuts to his face and body with a baseball bat lying beside him and he then pushed an ambulance worker over a sofa.

Gary McManus (39), with addresses listed on different charge sheets including Kilbeg Walk and Donegore Drive in Antrim town, had broken several windows on March 14 this year which cost £860 to fix.

The defendant admitted charges of assault and criminal damage.

The defendant told police he had gone "a bit mad and smashed the place up".

He became aggressive with the ambulance worker and after going to within six inches of his face he pushed him in the chest causing him to fall back over the arm of a sofa but he was uninjured.

McManus was taken to hospital.

The court heard that the defendant, who appeared at Antrim Magistrates Court, sitting in Ballymena, via a video link from prison, had breached Probation after being disorderly at Antrim Hospital in June 14, 2019.

Meanwhile, in relation to 11.30am on March 13, 2020, the defendant admitted possessing an offensive weapon - a knife - in the area of Castle Mall shopping centre in Antrim.

A prosecutor said there was an "ongoing disturbance" involving three males in the shopping centre car park and one had a knife which was found under a vehicle.

A security guard had taken a photo of McManus with a "blade hanging out of his jacket pocket".

Meanwhile, McManus admitted improper use of communications in relation to saying a man was "dead" in November last year.

Defence barrister James Toal said McManus was already serving a nine months prison sentence with a release date of January next year.

He said the defendant had "alcohol dependency" and had been hospitalised several times with alcohol-related seizures.

The lawyer said the defendant had Asberger's Syndrome and said a trait of that was that McManus "finds dealing with paramedics difficult" as they "get close to him and cause a reaction".

The barrister said the defendant was apologetic to the ambulance worker.

Regarding the car park incident, the lawyer said McManus had been "approached" by others and although a knife had been "produced", "nobody was injured".

McManus was ordered to serve a three months prison term, consecutive to his current jail sentence.

  • Main picture: One incident happened near the Castle Mall shopping centre in Antrim town.