Five months jail sentence: Judge at a court in Ballymena tells man: 'You are a bully and you beat up women'

Five months jail sentence: Judge at a court in Ballymena tells man: 'You are a bully and you beat up women'

A JUDGE jailed a man with a Ballymena address for five months and told him: "You are a bully and you beat up women".

Noel Francis Cawley (52), of High Street, Ballymena, was in court following assaults on two women - including one incident on a street in the town when a bus driver saw him drag a woman to the ground by her hair and punch her in the face.

In another incident - in May this year - Cawley's 'ex-partner' at the time said the defendant threw her on the floor and kicked her before he "trailed her around the room" trying to get house keys from her.

The woman ran to her mum's address and when she awoke from a sleep she noticed 29 missed calls and three or four voice mails from Cawley.

Cawley had replied 'no comment' during a police interview.

The court heard that in September this year Cawley was with another woman in the Adair Arms hotel in Ballymena and they were "removed" from the premises by police.

Later that evening police received a report from a bus driver that they saw Cawley assaulting a female at Galgorm Road in Ballymena.

A defence barrister said the defendant had been drinking heavily.

District Judge Nigel Broderick praised the "public spiritedness" of the bus driver.

The judge at Antrim Magistrates Court, sitting in Ballymena (main picture), said Cawley had 169 previous convictions.

Jailing him for five months, the judge told Cawley: "You are a bully and you beat up women. I am disgraced with your behaviour, not least that you beat up your partner of long-standing".

He praised the "public-spiritedness" of the bus driver who reported the street assault to police.

The judge quoted from the driver's statement in which they described Cawley grab the women by the hair, put her on the ground, "and started punching her head and face with a closed fist".

The driver's statement said a vehicle in front sounded their horn and the female attempted to get away but the male again grabbed her by the hair and punched her.

Judge Broderick said it was "disgraceful behaviour".

Bail was fixed in the sum of £500 pending appeal.