Jail sentence for man who caused criminal damage by urinating in a changing room at a shop in Ballymena's Tower Centre

Jail sentence for man who caused criminal damage by urinating in a changing room at a shop in Ballymena's Tower Centre

A MAN who admitted causing criminal damage by urinating in a changing room at Sports Direct in Ballymena's Tower Centre has been given a six months jail sentence.

Ryan Moorman (20), of West Crescent in Rathcoole but formerly with addresses in Antrim town and Ballymena, also "soiled" a pair of Nike "trousers", a court heard.

A prosecutor told Antrim Magistrates Court, sitting in Ballymena, Moorman that on August 21 this year the defendant had lifted three items and had gone to a changing room.

When a staff member saw him trying to leave with two of the items without making any attempt to pay she challenged him.

The defendant handed back two items and she asked him about the third item.

A Nike "jumper" worth £57 had a hole in it where the defendant had ripped off the security tag and Nike "trousers", valued at £48, had been "soiled," making both items were unfit for re-sale.

Moorman pushed the female back with force and ran out of the store.

It was then discovered the changing room was "covered in urine" and needed to be closed and deep-cleaned.

Police viewed CCTV which showed he defendant entering the Tower Centre again but when he saw officers he ran off.

When caught after a foot chase he was searched and drugs were located where he had been standing.

He told police the drugs were "not his".

At court, as well as pleading guilty to two counts of causing criminal damage to clothing and the changing rooms he also admitted assault; attempted theft and possession of Diazepam.

The defendant also pleaded guilty to dangerous driving at The Folly in Antrim town and driving whilst unfit around 9pm on September 2 last year.

He had been on a Yamaha motorbike when he crashed into the rear of a parked BMW.

The prosecutor said a witness said the defendant was driving without lights on and was "tearing about and showing off to his friends".

Traces of cannabis were found in the defendant's blood after he was taken to Antrim Area Hospital with injuries.

The court heard the defendant couldn't account to police as to how he crashed into the car in a "well lit" street.

He had been thrown "some distance" from the motorbike and landed on the road in front of the car and was injured " quite extensively".

Moorman also admitted stealing a bank card and fraudulently using it to buy crisps and tobacco at shops in Antrim town before he disposed of it in a bin.

The prosecutor said a woman accidentally left her bank card behind at a self service checkout at Tesco in Antrim on February 22 this year.

Moorman had been shopping and paid for his goods using cash but took the card and used it buy items worth £28 in the other shops.

When arrested he showed police the bank card in the bin.

He admitted failing to produce a licence to police and carrying a passenger on a motorbike whilst being an L driver at Steeple Road in Antrim on January 4, 2020, when police spotted him.

The court heard the defendant, who appeared at court via a video link from his solicitor's office, had a previous record.

Defence barrister Aaron Thompson said Moorman was "bouncing around" and had lived in several addresses including hostels in various towns.

He said the the defendant' injuries in the motorbike crash "could have been even worse".

The lawyer said drugs are an issue but the defendant said he had been "completely drug free" for several weeks.

The barrister said Moorman had an "immaturity about him" and there was "almost a childishness at the age of 20".

He said there was "something truly infantile about some of his behaviour" and "urinating in a shop was deeply unpleasant for somebody to have to come across".

District Judge Nigel Broderick said they were a "poor set of offences" which were in breach of suspended sentences.

As well as the six months jail term, the defendant was banned from driving for 18 months and fined £125.

Bail was fixed for appeal in the sum of £500.

  • Main picture: Ballymena's Tower Centre.