Judge in County Antrim says 'sharing of intimate photos has sadly crept into modern society'

Judge in County Antrim says 'sharing of intimate photos has sadly crept into modern society'

A JUDGE said the sharing of intimate photos has "crept into modern society, sadly, and with the advent of the internet and various devices then these types of offences are more prevalent".

District Judge Nigel Broderick was speaking as he put Adam Lynn (19), of Bedford Meadow in Antrim town, on Probation for a year for disclosing 'private sexual' photographs.

Speaking at Antrim Magistrates Court, sitting in Ballymena (main picture) on Tuesday, the judge told the defendant: "I hope you understand how serious a view the courts take of these offences.The courts do take a serious view of them and sharing anyone's intimate photographs is wholly inappropriate".

He hoped Lynn, who had a previously clear record, had learned his lesson and the offending would not be repeated.

An earlier court heard a woman said she was made aware by a 'third party' that he had been sent private images of her by Lynn via Facebook Messenger, 'Court News NI' can report.

A prosecutor said there were two images - one of the woman "in her bra" and one of her with "no bra on".

The court heard Lynn and the woman had been in a relationship but had separated by that stage.

When interviewed by police, Lynn admitted sending the images and claimed he wanted to "warn" a man against pursuing a relationship with the woman.

Lynn said he had not taken the images and said they had been sent to him by an "unknown male" whilst he was still in the relationship with the woman.

Defence barrister Neil Moore said that prior to her relationship with Lynn the woman received a Facebook message from an unknown individual who had asked her to send him some photos without her clothes on and initially said no and then relented.

He said the woman sent a photo of her in her bra and another "without any clothes on".

Mr Moore said in a "highly unusual" development Lynn then had received a screenshot of the photos.

The defence lawyer said Lynn had then sent the images to a "mutual friend" of his and the woman to essentially say "you need to watch yourself with this young lady" as she is "not as sweet as she portrays".

Mr Moore said such cases are often known as "revenge porn" but he said this was "not this sort of case" as the images were "already out" courtesy of the woman who had sent them to an unknown person "of her own volition".