Judge queries charge sheet describing 'priest' as 'offensive weapon'

Judge queries charge sheet describing 'priest' as 'offensive weapon'

A JUDGE at Newtownards Magistrates' Court asked for clarification from a prosecutor when a charge sheet described a 'priest' as an offensive weapon.

Deputy District Judge Des Perry said one of the charges faced by a man relating to April 27 this year read 'without lawful authority or reasonable excuse had with you in a public place namely, Killynether Country Park, Newtownards, an offensive weapon, namely a priest'.

Judge Perry asked if a prosecution lawyer could "shed any light on that rather unusual charge, which I am hoping is a misprint".

The prosecutor said the reference to 'a priest' could be amended to "a fishing tackle".

The comments were made as Paul Tremlett, of 'unknown age' from Well Road in Ballywalter, was charged with possessing two offensive weapons - the 'fishing tackle' and the other being a 'spike'.

He is also accused of possessing the Class B drug ketamine.

The case was adjourned to July 25.

  • An internet search shows a 'priest' is a tool used by anglers. It is said the name 'priest' comes from the notion of administering the 'last rites' to a fish.
  • Main picture: Newtownards Magistrates' Court.