Judge says County Down motorist was 'full as a sheugh'

Judge says County Down motorist was 'full as a sheugh'

A BANGOR woman has been found guilty of driving with excess alcohol in her breath in the vicinity of the town's Faulkner Road and a judge said she was "as full as a sheugh."

Lyndsay McDowell's case proceeded in her absence at Newtownards Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

District Judge Mark Hamill found the defendant guilty of the offence which happened on July 19, 2020.

The court heard the defendant - who is 34-years-old and from Kilclief Gardens - had an alcohol in breath reading of 93 with the legal limit being 35.

Judge Hamill noted that the defendant claimed she had taken drink at home after a report about her driving an Audi was received by police.

The matter had been listed as a 'contest' but the judge said it had been an "utterly hopeless" so-called 'hip flask defence'.

The judge said he had been warning about such "hopeless" defence cases being made at his court.

He issued an arrest warrant and said it is "highly unlikely she is going to escape an immediate custodial sentence for this".

The judge added: "She can take the consequences of her own stupidity and arrogance".