Judge says speeding teenage driver from Bangor could have 'ended up dead'

Judge says speeding teenage driver from Bangor could have 'ended up dead'

A JUDGE said a young 'R' driver who pleaded guilty to dangerous driving after police saw two vehicles travelling at speed side-by-side on the East Circular Road dual-carriageway in Bangor could have "ended up dead".

Ollie Houston (18), of Cleland Park Central, was detected on January 19 this year.

A prosecutor told Newtownards Magistrates' Court police saw a Vauxhall Corsa and a Volkswagen Polo "beside each other on lanes one and two" on the East Circular Road and they estimated they were doing speeds of over 70mph in a 40mph zone.

A defence lawyer said defendant had a previously clear record.

Deputy District Judge Anne Marshall asked the defendant when he passed his test and he said June last year.

The judge told him: "You were very lucky you were stopped by police on the night in question because this type of driving behaviour when you are speeding at these excessive speeds as an 'R' driver and not experienced, you are very lucky that you were stopped or could have ended up dead.

"This is very dangerous driving. For a young inexperienced driver to be driving at these speeds is dangerous in and off itself but both vehicles travelling level with each other and accelerating and the suggestion of racing is indeed an aggravating feature".

The defendant was banned from driving for 14 months and fined £150.

A co-accused - Ross Murray (18), of Bexley Parks, Bangor - who is also charged with dangerous driving had his case adjourned to June 15. He has yet to indicate his plea.