Judge slams Larne man for making false calls to Ambulance Service

Judge slams Larne man for making false calls to Ambulance Service

A JUDGE hit out at a Larne man for making false calls to Ambulance Service.

Robert Osborouogh (52), of Greenland Parade, was given a four months prison sentence, suspended for three years, for improper use of a public communications network on May 11 this year.

Ballymena Magistrates' Court heard the Ambulance Service received a number of 999 calls from a mobile number including a report of a male having a heart attack in Larne.

Police went to the home of family member of the defendant's who said he was OK.

Police then went to the defendant's home where he was "very intoxicated" and when they rang the number which had been used to call the Ambulance Service his phone rang in his pocket.

The court heard the defendant received a suspended sentence in 2019 for a similar incident.

Defence solicitor Sara Edge said the defendant is a "chronic alcoholic".

She said the defendant said the incidents had been a "cry for help" but she had told him there were other ways to get assistance.

Deputy District Judge Brian Archer told the defendant he should go to the "relevant authorities" for health issues, "you don't sit and make false calls to the Ambulance Service".

The judge added: "The Ambulance Service is a very scarce resource. I don't know if you are aware, recently, because of the pressures put on the Ambulance Service and the fact that they haven't been able to attend calls promptly, situations have become very serious and people have died.

"And they certainly don't need people like you contacting them and making false calls and feeling sorry for themselves".