Larne man struck ex-wife with child's chair on Christmas Eve

Larne man struck ex-wife with child's chair on Christmas Eve

A LARNE man struck his ex-wife with a child's chair on Christmas Eve in the town before going to his sister-in-law's house and slapping her on the face.

At Ballymena Magistrates Court, Ryan Loughlin (28), of Sallagh Park Central, admitted charges of assault and criminal damage.

A prosecutor said the defendant's ex-wife said the defendant was "intoxicated" and had thrown pills before grabbing her and pushing her into cupboards in her home, resulting on bruising to her arm.

Loughlin then threw an ornament which missed and smashed on a cupboard.

He then pushed her onto the floor and struck her with a "small children's chair" and kicked her on the leg which also left bruising.

A defence barrister said the defendant had a previously clear record.

He said Loughlin had "re-engaged with the church and has completed a course there" and regretted his actions and since the incident had been off "all forms of illegal substances".

The lawyer said it was accepted the defendant was "lucky" more serious injuries had not been sustained.

Deputy District Judge Anne Marshall said the two injured injured parties have "obviously been extremely affected".

She said it was an "extremely unpleasant and unsavoury" incident.

The judge told Loughlin: "The names that you call these two ladies are indicative of a very disrespectful attitude to females, one of whom is the mother of your own child".

Placing the defendant on Probation for a year the judge said it should look at "anger management".

A two year Restraining Order was also put in place.