Man allegedly involved in 'feud' is barred from entering Antrim town

Man allegedly involved in 'feud' is barred from entering Antrim town

A MAN alleged to have been involved in a "feud" in Antrim town has been granted bail to live in Belfast and is barred from Antrim.

In relation to April 4 this year, Kurtis Millar (27), of Rathglynn in Antrim, is charged with aggravated burglary at Rathkyle in Antrim with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm; possession of a brick and hammer in a public place 'without lawful authority or reasonable excuse'; and possession of cannabis.

A previous court heard trouble in Antrim included a 'knife attack' on a man, being treated as attempted murder, and a hammer attack on the man's 17-year-old son.

Details emerged at Antrim Magistrates Court, sitting in Ballymena (main picture).

A co-accused - David Fletcher (27), of 'no fixed abode' in Antrim - is charged with the attempted murder of a male and being in possession of a knife 'without lawful authority or reasonable excuse' in the vicinity of Carnbrock Drive in the town on April 1 this year.

Fletcher is also charged with aggravated burglary of a dwelling at Rathkyle on April 4 this year with intent to do unlawful damage whilst having a hammer and possessing a hammer 'without lawful authority or reasonable excuse'.

The earlier court heard there was a "knife attack" on a male on April 1 allegedly involving Fletcher.

A defence lawyer said it was allegedly a "very significant stabbing and attempted murder" and there was no allegation that Millar played any part in that incident.

The court was told the alleged victim's son was allegedly hit with a brick and hammer and suffered cuts on the leg, arm and side at an address in Rathkyle on April 4 this year.

Police received a report at 6.53am that two males with scarves over their faces had broken into the property.

Police found the front door and two windows were damaged.

The 17-year-old, who was believed to have been alone in the property, told police two males had broken in through the front door before causing damage in the kitchen; smashing a TV in a living room and smashing a window in an upstairs window.

A police officer told the previous court the youth told police he recognised the voice of one of the intruders as Fletcher.

He told police he was struck with a hammer by the male with Fletcher.

The court heard the males left and the youth's brother was coming home and saw them departing with their faces covered. He said the males shouted at him and he "recognised both their voices" as being the defendants whom he knows.

Police went to Millar's home a short distance away a short time later and located Millar and Fletcher who were arrested. Two "mallets"were recovered.

The officer said it was the latest incident since March 17 this year.

On March 17, Fletcher and Millar had been arrested for criminal damage and possession of an offensive weapon after allegedly attacking the same house at Rathkyle.

They were bailed over that incident and were not to have any contact with an injured party and Millar was barred from Rathkyle.

The officer said when arrested on April 4, Millar "displayed a willingness to revisit the address" at Rathkyle and the policeman told the earlier court he believed there would be further trouble if the defendant was released on bail.

The officer said there had been an "escalation of the violence" and added: "It seems to be tit-for-tat and I wouldn't want innocent people to be caught up in what is happening".

He said there had been an incident "where Mr Millar's house was attacked with a petrol bomb that didn't light".

The defence lawyer said the alleged voice recognition of Millar came from the 17-year-old's brother whom the lawyer said was "known to the court" and which would be challenged.

At the previous court, District Judge Nigel Broderick refused Millar bail saying he was "concerned" about the incidents.

He added: "Whatever the background to these allegations there does appear to be some issues in the local area".

Millar, who had 17 previous convictions, appeared back at court this week via video link from Maghaberry Prison.

His defence lawyer said the charges related to an alleged "ongoing fallout between Millar, Fletcher and another family in the Antrim area".

The lawyer said there had been concerns raised of further offences if Millar returned to Antrim but a bail address had now been found in Belfast.

A police officer said he would still have concerns about the "welfare" of Millar and the other family.

He said, Court News NI can report, the PSNI believe it is an "ongoing feud between Fletcher and Millar" and the other family.

He said three incidents were being investigated and the concern was that it "may escalate".

Judge Nigel Broderick said the new address in Belfast was a "significant change" and admitted the Millar to bail in the sum of £500.

There is a 10pm-7am curfew and Millar is to have no contact with the co-accused or the other family and is barred from Antrim town.

He also has to report to police once a week.

Fletcher remained on remand in custody and the cases were adjourned to May 31.