Man 'forced' way into kitchen at Chinese takeaway in Larne and struck worker in the face

Man 'forced' way into kitchen at Chinese takeaway in Larne and struck worker in the face

A MAN forced his way into the kitchen of a Chinese takeaway in Larne and struck a worker in the face.

Neill Burns (27), of no fixed abode in the Belfast area, had earlier smashed windows at a property in the town and when the occupant confronted him he was punched several times on the head by the defendant.

When the defendant was located at an alleyway in Larne on August 21 this year he attempted to headbutt a police officer.

He claimed to police he could not remember what happened because he was "too intoxicated".

Meanwhile, Ballymena Magistrates Court heard the defendant had failed to complete Community Service he had been given for offences which including dangerous driving.

In May 2019 police saw the defendant driving without lights on and then pull in at speed at a shop in Larne and when a police officer got out of a patrol vehicle, which had blue lights on, Burns put his car in reverse "towards the officer" and then sped off.

When police tracked him down cannabis was found in the car which he had taken without the consent of the owner.

In July 2019 police went to speak to Burns about being an unaccompanied L driver and when he stopped at traffic lights in Larne he handed over keys but "made off through the car out the passenger door".

Defence barrister Neil Moore said the defendant committed the assaults after taking "large amounts" of alcohol.

District Judge Nigel Broderick said the defendant had told a Probation Officer that since being in prison he was "feeling brilliant"; "hasn't felt like this in years" and that being remanded was "the best thing to happen to him".

The judge said: "It's not often you see that but maybe the fact that he has been not allowed or able to drink maybe was the break he needed".

The defendant was given a three months prison term.