Man jailed for being disorderly at Antrim Area Hospital

Man jailed for being disorderly at Antrim Area Hospital

A MAN who was disorderly at Antrim Area Hospital has been jailed for two months.

Olgierd Pawlick (22), of Iris Street in Belfast, committed the offence on August 18 this year.

A prosecutor said the defendant presented himselt to Holywell Hospital "demanding to see a doctor".

Police were called and brought him to Antrim Area Hospital to speak with the Mental Health Team and Pawlick became aggressive in a public waiting area.

He was "throwing his arms around" and "shouting incoherently at hospital staff, members of the public and police".

The defendant refused to engage with the Mental Health Team and was "discharged" from the hospital but refused to leave

The prosecutor added: "He disrupted the duties of the Mental Health Team in terms of looking after other patients".

A defence solicitor said the former joiner - who had the assistance of an interpreter at court - has lived in Northern Ireland for 8 years.

He said Pawlick had a "depressive episode" and presented himself at Holywell demanding mental health services but "unfortunately with the pressures they couldn't just provide it straight away" and because he "made a nuisance of himself" was taken to Antrim Hospital "where he really just didn't engage".

The lawyer said Pawlick realised what he did was wrong but at the time he was "largely homeless and at the end of his tether as to what he could do to address those mental health issues".

Jailing the defendant for two months, District Judge Nigel Broderick accepted the defendant's behaviour may have been influenced by his mental health issues but "courts do treat seriously anyone who creates difficulties in a hospital setting".

  • Main picture: File image of Antrim Area Hospital.