Man placed on Sex Offenders Register for five years for walking naked with blinds open at his County Antrim home has appeal dismissed

Man placed on Sex Offenders Register for five years for walking naked with blinds open at his County Antrim home has appeal dismissed

A MAN who was put on the Sex Offenders Register for five years and ordered to do 80 hours of Community Service for walking nude with blinds open at his County Antrim home has had an appeal against his original sentence dismissed at Antrim County Court.

He is Attila Andras (28), of Rockfield Heights in the village of Connor.

The appeal was listed at Antrim Court on Monday. He had accepted his conviction, after previously pleading guilty, but had appealed the sentence.

Upon the hearing of the appeal the County Court ordered that the Appeal be dismissed and that the conviction and sentence be affirmed.

Previously, at Antrim Magistrates Court, sitting in Ballymena (main picture), the defendant pleaded guilty to four charges of 'intentionally' exposing his genitals 'intending that someone would see them and be caused alarm or distress' on April 9, 10, 11, 23 this year.

A prosecutor had told the Magistrates Court, police were contacted on April 24 when a woman said that on the night of April 9 she saw a male standing "completely naked" at an upstairs bedroom window in his home.

The woman left her kitchen and turned the light off and when she returned and switched the light on again the man re-appeared at his window "again naked".

The court heard police then spoke to a second woman who said she had been in her back garden around around 12.30am on April 23 and saw a male naked at the bedroom window.

When police attended the address Andras confirmed he was the only male occupant.

The prosecutor said there were four charges in relation to two complainants and on each occasion the defendant had "appeared at the window in a naked state".

A defence barrister said the defendant had a previously clear record and there was no suggestion Andras had been "aroused" or was "touching his genitals".

He added:"This is a simpliciter, naked, there are no aggravating features".

The defence lawyer said Andras had been naked in his own property and it was "not out of sexual gratification".

The barrister said Andras lives with his partner and whilst she was not condoning his behaviour she has "ensured that he doesn't walk around the house naked".

The court heard: "He hadn't closed the blinds and the neighbours saw him when he was walking naked around the house. He is now refraining from doing that".

The lawyer said Andras was assessed as a low category of re-offending and said there was nothing to suggest he was a "risk".

The barrister continued that the defendant "should have known better".

The lawyer said it may well have been that Andras believed that in the "confines of his own home he can act in whatever manner he likes but when there are open and undrawn blinds and neighbours who live in close proximity can see the fact that he is naked that obviously has caused offence".

He had said the defendant should not be put on the Sex Offenders Register as he didn't believe there was a "deviant individual or an underlying sexual gratification issue".

District Judge Nigel Broderick said Probation said they did not believe the defendant needed "statutory supervision" but they had discussed Community Service.

He told Andras: "Obviously it is a matter of concern that these offences have been pleaded to.

"I accept the agreed statement of facts in that it is agreed there is no evidence that there was any sexual gratification in the background to this offending but still it is not a one-off in the sense that there are four separate incidents and two separate victims so that is a matter of concern".

He noted the Probation report accessed Andras as as in "the low category in terms of any requirement for specialist sexual assessment".

Judge Broderick had ordered the defendant to do 80 hours of Community Service.

The judge said the 'community sentence' meant that activated 'notification requirements' and he put Andras on the Sex Offenders Register for five years.