Man was arrested in Antrim and threatened to headbutt police officer

Man was arrested in Antrim and threatened to headbutt police officer

A MAN with an Antrim town address allegedly told a police officer when arrested: "I will headbutt the f*ck out of you".

Details emerged at Antrim Magistrates Court, sitting in Ballymena, where Robert Owens (27), of Donegore Drive, was given bail.

He is charged with assaulting a police officer; resisting the officer in the execution of his duty and assaulting a woman on January 18 this year.

The defendant appeared at court via a video link

Opposing bail, a police officer said police were at a property in Antrim town on January 18 following a "dropped 999 call".

Owens was alleged to have been "hostile" and demanded police leave the property.

He pushed a woman using both hands causing her to stumble across the floor.

When arrested, Owens allegedly told an officer he would "headbutt the f*ck out of you" and was placed in a cell van.

The police officer said on Valentine's Day this year police received a report about a male being involved in a "physical altercation" with a female at Antrim Train Station and was "chasing a member of the public around".

Owens was in breach of bail and ran off from police and was "extremely agitated" when detained.

Arising out of that incident the defendant was charged with disorderly behaviour and assaulting and resisting a police officer.

He was under the influence of alcohol and was "extremely agitated".

The officer said Owens has 31 convictions and is a "priority offender" with the Reducing Offending Unit in Antrim.

The defendant was given £500 bail along with a £500 surety and as part of his bail he is not to take alcohol or be in licensed premises. There is also a 9pm-7am curfew when he will be electronically tagged.

The case was adjourned to March 15.