Man was disorderly following report of 'altercation' at Train Station

Man was disorderly following report of 'altercation' at Train Station

AN Antrim town man has admitted being disorderly and resisting police after officers responded to a report of an "altercation" at Antrim Train Station.

Robert Owens (27), of Donegore Drive, came to police attention on Valentine's Day this year.

He ran off from officers and when detained he was "under the influence of alcohol" and became "aggressive". He shouted and clenched his fists, a prosecutor said.

On January this year he had also assaulted a female and resisted police.

A defence barrister told Ballymena Magistrates' Court (main picture): "There are undoubtedly issues between Owens and local police".

The lawyer said whilst the defendant "does not help himself" he alleged the "attitude" of police to him is "not helpful".

The lawyer said Owens has a "wealth of difficulties through drug misuse" and has previously been jailed for "serious offending".

District Judge Nigel Broderick said he would give the defendant "one last chance".

The judge added: "You seem to have a very poor relationship with police".

The court heard he had a number of convictions for assaulting police.

Handing down a four months jail term, suspended for two years, the Judge added: "You have to behave yourself when you come across the police and they have to act accordingly as well.

"They have to treat you fairly and properly but equally you can't go off the handle and start punching them and fighting with them".