Motorist caught doing 100mph

Motorist caught doing 100mph

A DEFENCE solicitor for a man caught doing 100mph said the defendant had been to a hospital appointment and afterwards was going to see his partner.

Mareio Carvalho (41), of Forth Glen in Cookstown, was detected on the M2 motorway on August 23 this year.

Defence solicitor Colin Donnelly said the defendant, originally from Portugal, had lived in Northern Ireland for twenty years with only one previous speeding offence in 2011 relating to doing 40mph in a 30 zone.

Regarding August 23 this year, he said the conditions were dry and traffic was moderate.

The lawyer said the defendant had a hospital appointment and was going to see his partner afterwards.

Banning the defendant from the roads for a month along with a £100 fine, District Judge Nigel Broderick told Antrim Magistrates Court, sitting in Ballymena: "It is a high speed. I have made it clear on numerous occasions that anyone who drives at this speed can expect a disqualification".