Motorist did U-turn before punching man in 'road rage' attack

Motorist did U-turn before punching man in 'road rage' attack

A MOTORIST did a U-turn before approaching a man and punching him in the face in a 'road rage' attack, Newtownards Magistrates' Court has heard.

Details were outlined at court after Andrew McGimpsey (35), of Movilla Street in Newtownards, had breached a Combination Order he had originally been given in connection with the assault.

He had been required to do Probation for 18 months and 100 hours of Community Service but failed to complete it.

District Judge Mark Hamill said the defendant had originally been sentenced for assault, careless driving and absence of insurance.

He said McGimpsey had felt "somewhat aggrieved" at being convicted of assault and had "denied, basically, assaulting the victim".

However, the judge said in August 2020 the defendant had performed a "U-turn having noticed the injured party gesturing at him".

There had been a "verbal altercation" and McGimpsey claimed there had been "provocation".

Judge Hamill described it as a "road rage" incident and said the defendant had a record.

The judge said McGimpsey had approached a vehicle and punched a man causing injury to his face which consisted of "minor cuts, bleeding right ear, small cut above the right eye brow".

A defence lawyer said the Combination Order had not been completed because the defendant accepts that he "doesn't cope well with appointments and doing things".

The lawyer said McGimpsey was a "sporadic offender," who "from time to time he gets himself into encounters like this one, a very nasty one".

Judge Hamill revoked the Combination Order but adjourned sentencing to mid-October when he said there will be a suspended sentence and a fine of £250 but if no money is brought back to court by McGimpsey he will be jailed for four months.