Police armed response unit tasked to flats complex in Ballymena after resident said woman was going to 'slice her throat and murder her'

Police armed response unit tasked to flats complex in Ballymena after resident said woman was going to 'slice her throat and murder her'

AN armed response unit was tasked to flats at High Street in Ballymena after a resident falsely told police she had been threatened by a woman who was going to "slice her throat and murder her".

Padraigin Taylor (23), formerly of High Street in the town, committed a number of offences over several months, Ballymena Magistrates Court heard.

A prosecutor said around 1am on June 9, 2021, the defendant phoned 999 and claimed she had been “threatened by an unknown female who threatened to slice her throat and murder her”.

Taylor then told a call handler she was going to “cut her own throat” and ended the call, Court News NI can report.

The court heard police arrived and were outside Taylor's door "for around 25 minutes".

Taylor refused to answer the door and a police armed response unit and a police dog attended High Street.

When Taylor opened the door she said nobody had threatened her and she was not planning on harming herself and was cautioned for wasting police time with a false report.

Meanwhile, at 4.20am on April 1, 2020, the defendant bombarded the 999 emergency system with 14 calls despite being warned not to do so.

The prosecutor said Taylor had been “highly intoxicated” and had reported a “theft” to police.

The defendant refused to provide a statement of complaint and instead she wanted police to take immediate action against the alleged thief.

She was told not to call 999 and instead use the non-emergency number but made 14 calls on 999.

In another case, the defendant was found with cannabis at High Street on July 23, 2021, following an “indication of an overdose”.

Also on July 23 the defendant was found with 30 Diazepam tablets in her bedroom.

On August 1, 2021, the defendant was caught with cannabis and when arrested she kicked a female officer in the groin but there were “no lasting injuries”.

The court was also told that around 9.30pm on August 4, 2021, police responded to a report of “fights” at High Street.

Taylor was shouting and swearing loudly in the street.

On September 28, 2021, Taylor threw a “large metal post box,” narrowly missing a "security" man at the High Street flats and she was then found with cannabis.

The defendant appeared at court via video link from Hydebank prison.

Defence barrister Thomas McKeever said the defendant had not been in court until the age of 22 and she had alcohol and mental health issues.

Deputy District Judge Philip Mateer said there had been "wasteful" phone calls on the 999 system which required police to "arrive with an Armed Response squad".

He told Taylor: "You have behaved extremely badly all through the year".

The judge said he was prepared to put the defendant on Probation along with Community Service to help her to "overcome your anti-social traits" and become "a good member of society".

However, Taylor said she didn't want such a sentence.

The defence lawyer said Taylor was "quite content" in jail where she had "sobered up" and was getting support.

The defence lawyer said Taylor was "worried that if she was released into the community she would not be in a good position and may relapse".

Judge Mateer then sentenced her to a nine months jail sentence.