Police in unmarked vehicle spot 'racing' at The Junction retail park in Antrim town

Police in unmarked vehicle spot 'racing' at The Junction retail park in Antrim town

POLICE in an unmarked vehicle saw a young motorist going round a roundabout the wrong way whilst "racing" in the area of 'The Junction' retail park in Antrim town.

Shea Duff (19), of Ballytromery Avenue, Crumlin, has admitted dangerous driving in relation to 9.45pm on June 5 this year.

At Antrim Magistrates Court, sitting in Ballymena, a prosecutor said police saw a white Audi going the wrong way round a roundabout in the retail park.

A silver Audi was also present with both travelling at speed, and according to the prosecutor, "appeared to be racing".

She said the white Audi attempted to overtake the other car "by going the wrong way round the roundabout".

Police turned and followed the vehicles which had gone into McDonald's and spoke with both drivers who were "friends".

The prosecutor said the white Audi was driven by Duff and he had two passengers.

When cautioned for dangerous driving he made full admissions, apologised, and said it was "stupid".

The court heard the defendant had a previously clear record.

The other driver was previously dealt with by the courts..

Duff's defence barrister said the defendant would say he "wasn't racing" but accepts he had gone through the roundabout the wrong way.

Thankfully, he said "nobody else was inconvenienced" and there were no accidents or injuries.

He said the inevitable road ban for dangerous driving meant he faced losing his job as a HGV technician.

The lawyer said it had been "out of character" and a "naive, spur-of-the-moment" incident.

Banning the defendant from driving for a year and fining him £200, District Judge Nigel Broderick said it had been a "harsh lesson" for Duff as the law was that anyone dealt with for dangerous driving must be banned for 12 months.