'R' driver in court for 'undertaking' police vehicle

'R' driver in court for 'undertaking' police vehicle

AN 'R' driver who 'undertook' a police vehicle in the Antrim area and then reached an estimated speed of 73mph despite being restricted to 45mph has been given five penalty points and fined £250.

Zygimantas Lukauskas (18), of Station Road, Randalstown, came to police attention at 12.15am on January 21 this year - just over a month after he passed his test.

A defence lawyer told Antrim Magistrates' Court, sitting, in Ballymena, because of the time of night the defendant, "foolishly", thought he could go faster.

The defendant was leaving a friend home.

District Judge Nigel Broderick said it was a "bad piece of driving" and "undertaking a car is dangerous".