Ten months jail sentence for County Antrim man who held knife to his mother's throat whilst screaming: 'I will kill you'

Ten months jail sentence for County Antrim man who held knife to his mother's throat whilst screaming: 'I will kill you'

A MAN with a Crumlin address who held a knife to his mother's throat whilst screaming: "I will kill you" has been jailed for ten months.

Sean Savage (31), of Cairn Gardens, attended Antrim Magistrates Court, sitting in Ballymena (main picture), via video link from prison.

Savage admitted offences of possessing a knife with intent to commit an offence; possession of a knife as an offensive weapon; threatening to kill his mother and sister; and causing criminal damage by stabbing doors on December 19 last year.

A prosecutor said around 8,30pm on December 19 police attended Savage's mother's address.

The court heard a number of people were present when the intoxicated defendant, "out of nowhere began screaming and shouting 'You kill me, I will kill you'," at his mother.

The prosecutor said Savage's mum said the defendant lifted a kitchen knife with a four inch long blade and put it to "right hand side of her throat" whilst screaming: "I will kill you".

Savage then "stormed" upstairs where several bangs could be heard and damage had been caused to two bedroom doors.

Savage's mother had phoned her daughter to say the defendant had been "kicking off" and she needed help.

The prosecutor said Savage had a knife and told his sister: "I will kill you all".

The defendant put the knife in his waistband and ran off out of the property when police were called.

The defendant was found at another address in Crumlin but the knife was not located.

When police asked him to account for why he was "covered in blood" he said he hurt his finger three days earlier.

A defence lawyer for Savage, who had 73 previous convictions, accepted it was a "very serious incident".

He said Savage had "mental health difficulties".

Savage also admitted assaulting a taxi driver and attempting to damage a taxi on November 5, 2020, at Laurelvale in Crumlin.

The court heard Savage was "abusive" whilst being taken to Belfast and when he was returned to the pick-up address in Crumlin the defendant kicked the vehicle.

The driver said whilst in the vehicle the defendant had grabbed his left shoulder and when Savage got out he began to kick and punch the car.

As the driver left, Savage attempted to "chase after it".

The prosecutor said the taxi driver was left "shaken and scared".

The defence lawyer said Savage had been under the "influence" and didn't "really remember" the taxi incident.

Jailing Savage, District Judge Nigel Broderick said: "These are appalling incidents. Dealing with the incident involving your mother and your sister, to put a knife to anyone's throat and to threaten to kill them is an extremely serious matter and no doubt the victim would have been significantly traumatised by this incident."

The judge said the taxi incident was "very nasty" and added: "The driver simply providing a public service and to turn on him and assault him. Again, I am told the driver was scared and shaken and I have no doubt given your history of violence he had every reason to be so afraid."

As well as the ten months jail sentence, Savage was also made the subject of two year Restraining Orders regarding his mother and sister.