Train passenger was 'out of it' and then police found hundreds of tablets

Train passenger was 'out of it' and then police found hundreds of tablets

A TRAIN passenger travelling between Ballymena and Coleraine was "out of it" and police then found hundreds of illegal tablets, a court has heard.

Police arrested Ethan Madine (22), of Church Street in Portstewart, at Coleraine Train Station and found two heroin wraps, cannabis and hundreds of tablets.

The defendant, who appeared at Coleraine Magistrates Court, sitting in Ballymena, on Monday via a video link from prison, admitted charges of possessing heroin, Subutex, Pregabalin, Xanax and cannabis.

A prosecutor said that on December 3 last year police received a report from a "commuter" who provided a description of Madine and said he "appeared out of it on drugs".

The witness said Madine had taken some "blue tablets" and also had a bag of blue tablets in his pocket.

Police spoke to Madine at Coleraine Train Station and he handed over a bag of herbal cannabis he took from his boxer shorts.

Police were told the defendant may have placed tablets in his boxers.

In custody a strip search was authorised and a number of other drugs were located in his boxers - two heroin wraps, 10 Xanax, 9 Subutex, 24 Pregabalin and 266 Diazepam tablets.

The defendant told police he had the Pregabalin on prescription but had bought the other drugs from "two males in Belfast" and they were all for his own use.

A defence lawyer said although there were quite a lot of drugs Madine "would probably use that in a week".

He said the defendant lived a "very transient lifestyle" and had a "chronic drug problem".

He said perhaps "short, sharp, shock treatment" would work for his client and prison might help "put his head right, that would be a term that he would use".

District Judge Peter King said given the amount of drugs the defendant was fortunate it was only a possession case.

Madine was given a two months jail term.