Woman admits supermarket barcode fraud in Antrim

Woman admits supermarket barcode fraud in Antrim

A WOMAN committed a barcode fraud at Asda in Antrim.

At Antrim Magistrates Court, sitting in Ballymena, where Michelle Stewart (39), of Seacash Drive, Antrim, admitted fraud by false representation by scanning barcodes of lesser value goods with the intention of causing a loss to Asda.

She also admitted stealing items worth £6.25 from Asda on the same date - November 13, 2020.

A prosecutor said a security guard saw the defendant scanning a £7 barcode on four occasions at 8.20am but placed pyjamas, a night dress and two coats into a trolley and those items were worth £89.

When challenged by security as she attempted to exit the store she had other goods worth £6.25 and had made no attempt to pay for those.

The defendant then gave a false name to the security guard and left in a taxi.

CCTV showed the cab firm and when details of the call booking were confirmed police spoke to the defendant.

The defence barrister said it is known there is a "link between depression and shoplifting"  regarding "the euphoria that some people develop from this type of offending".

The defendant was put on Probation on 18 months.