Female bitten on forehead in Randalstown

Female bitten on forehead in Randalstown

A WOMAN with a Randalstown address who had bitten a female on the forehead has been put on Probation for a year.

Shannon McCann (19), of Main Street, admitted assaulting the female and she also assaulted a number of police officers.

Antrim Magistrates' Court, sitting in Ballymena, was told she had already spent the equivalent of ten weeks in custody.

A prosecutor said a female had been walking at Main Street in Randalstown last December when she was grabbed by the hair and pulled to the ground by McCann who got on top of her and "squeezed both her breasts hard".

The court heard McCann then struck her below her left eye before biting her on the middle of her forehead before she began to "suck on her forehead".

Police arrived and saw McCann kick the woman to the head "several times".

The defendant was "helped to her feet by officers" but headbutted a policewoman on the "temple" and continued to struggle when restrained on the ground.

She struck out with "closed fists" and hit another officer on the throat.

The prosecutor told the court that when brought to her feet McCann asked that an officer "fixed her dress which had risen up" and the defendant then attempted a headbutt.

The court was told that in March this year the defendant had scratched the eye of a police officer and had punched the window of a police vehicle.

She had also damaged a door belonging to a neighbour in Randalstown.

A defence lawyer accepted the facts were "deplorable" and McCann had been "volatile in the extreme".

When remanded in custody the defendant had "sobered up" and now knows to keep away from "spirits".

District Judge Nigel Broderick said the defendant had already spent time in custody and put her on Probation for a year after he said she had been "deemed unsuitable" for Community Service.