Woman had gone to 'confront married man in Ballymena on Boxing Day about affair' but arrived at wrong address and ended up assaulting a female

Woman had gone to 'confront married man in Ballymena on Boxing Day about affair' but arrived at wrong address and ended up assaulting a female

A WOMAN who, it was said in court, had gone to "confront" a married man she previously had an affair with, turned up at the "wrong address" in Ballymena on Boxing Day last year and ended up assaulting a female.

Details were given at Ballymena Magistrates Court where Agne Vinksnaige (29), with an address listed as Dunclug Park in the town, was sentenced for inflicting grievous bodily harm on a woman.

The victim was in court.

The defendant had the assistance of a Lithuanian interpreter.

The injured woman was assaulted in the Railway Street area of Ballymena on the evening of December 26 last year.

She was left with injuries including bruising to her eye which was "swollen shut" and there were cuts near her eyebrow and nose.

Police attended the defendant's address and found her with cuts to her hand and blood on tracksuit bottoms.

The defendant had no previous record.

A defence barrister said the defendant had gone to an address to speak to the wife of a man the defendant had been in a relationship with.

He said the injured woman was in "the wrong place at the wrong time" as the defendant had gone to the "wrong address".

The lawyer said Vinksnaige had been "involved in a relationship with a married gentleman".

He said the relationship had ended but there appeared to have been "some ongoing romantic attachment"  from the man.

The barrister said the man had "ongoing feelings" which the defendant was "uncomfortable about and for whatever reason she had gone on this particular day to this married man's home to confront him and tell his wife of the situation".

However, the lawyer added, Vinksnaige went "to the wrong address".

The legal rep said the lady who "came out" was the injured party. They were "not known to each other".

He said the injured party was aware the defendant had been involved with the married man.

On Boxing Day night, he continued, it appeared there had been some form of "altercation" and Vinksnaige believed she had struck the woman in her eye with her elbow.

The defence lawyer, Court News NI can report, said the defendant had been an "upstanding" member of the community in Lithuania and then in Northern Ireland since arriving in 2016.

He added it had been "wrong place, wrong time and Ms Vinksnaige approached someone that was not the person she wished to speak to".

Handing down a six months jail term, suspended for two years, District Judge Nigel Broderick told the defendant it was a "totally unprovoked and unwarranted assault on the victim who has sustained significant physical and emotional injuries."

He said there was "every reason" why she should be jailed but there had been a guilty plea, a clear record and she was the mother of two young children.

In some respects the assault was "out of character but serious nonetheless," he said.

A two year Restraining Order was also put in place.

  • Main picture: Agne Vinksnaige.